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 Packing and storing all of your precious belongings is one of the most daunting tasks of moving.  Imagine when you allow Petrolino Moves to handle all packing and unpacking, and you arrive to your destination with everything intact, how you want it without having to ever lift a finger.  Our team of expert packers are here to help you with full packing and unpacking services, even at the last minute. Here’s how we can assit:


Full Service Packing

Our team will arrive prior to moving day to carefully pack, label and disassemble all of your items with the least disruption to your daily life.

Partial Packing

Have last minute packing to do? No problem! Our team will arrive on site to help you pack the remainder of your items.

Fragile Packing

Properly packaging your fragile items is crucial to a damage free move.  Leave the more fragile item packing to the professionals, saving you time and possible damage.


Household Goods Removal

Once you complete your move, you may find that you have more boxes, loose materials and trash than your trash can and recycling will allow for.  Petrolino Moves will remove your excess leaving your house ready for clutter free organization.

Petrolino Moves team members undergo in depth packing training to ensure maximum efficiency and damage free moving solutions.  Move with confidence, knowing that you’re precious valuables will arrive safely.

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"On Time and were Ready to Serve"

Our family was so pleased by David and his team. They arrived on time and ready to serve. Moving was a little more complicated than anticipated due to our building policies, but they kept a good attitude and helped us through the process

Tammy Smith - Reston, VA

The Real Deal Moving Solution

We have moved countless times because of our military status. Most companies just pick up your things and drop them on the curb and are on their way. Petrolino Moves was with us every step of the way, ensuring we were happy and stress free.

Robert Nichels - Triangle, VA

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